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  • Jan
    Printed double-sided flannel for spot sale

    Our company now has a batch of newly made double-sided printing flannel for sale. Specification: 250 GSM 155 cm. Suitable for bathrobe, nightgown, blanket, etc. High quality and low price, welcome to buy.

  • Jan
    Tongxiang Hywell Textile Co., Ltd.

    Cup, is a thing only pour tea, the value and role of cups will truly reflected. Culture of annatto, dewy tea cups to the tea ceremony.

  • Jan
    Artificial leather introduction

    Annatto furniture as Chinese native culture grew up in a special commodity, due to its cultural attributes, annatto furniture and daily necessities, the comprehensive characteristics of art and collectibles…

  • Dec
    Enterprise investment promotion meeting

    Annatto furniture prosperous dynasty period, but the real mahogany players know "the ten do not cover the qing Ming". What reason is this? Because the culture of bright type furniture are strongest.

  • Dec
    Congratulate! The revision of our website has been completed

    According to introducing, at present more popular on the market the annatto several major schools mainly reflected on the regional, each has its own characteristics. Car chang said, for example, "such as wide as a furniture…

  • Dec
    Welcome! Our company's website visit guide

    As the change of lifestyle, before is given priority to with square table, top cabinet, official cap chair of annatto furniture, in such aspects as category, shape, function, technology has changed a lot.

Our company mainly produces various kinds of fabrics for man and women garment facing and lining, home textile. Most of our production is based on making to order production. 




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